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What Is A Huichol Wedding Ceremony?

Posted by Claudia Garcia on November 15, 2017

Characterized by their simplicity, symbolism, and spirituality, these weddings represent the union of two people under the tradition of the Huichol community, known as “Wirraritari,”;  spread among the northern highlands of Jalisco, Nayarit, Zacatecas, and Durango.

The romantic ritual takes place at the beach or in a place surrounded by the magical nature of the region. The bride and groom will wear traditional Huichol white-attire embellished with flowers or deer embroidery for the bride, and palm hats with feather or tree seeds embellishments for the groom.


The ceremony begins with the bride and groom presenting a five-colored corn offering, as the Marakame (priest) purifies them with copal, eagle, and hawk feathers and holy water while giving advice for their life as a couple; reciting that men are in charge of fetching wood for the fire (to work) and women of cooking (taking care of him).

Once spiritually purified, the newlyweds join hands and embrace. They feed each other, drink tejuino (a beverage made from fermented corn) and finally lie down on a palm mat called a petate. Now, that they are a Wirrárrika (Huichol man) and a Ukari Wirrákita (Huichol woman), they dance to the rhythm of the tepo, (a wooden drum and deer skin) as the singer proclaims in chorus their forever-lasting love.

montaje huichol

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