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Marriage and the Moon

la luna y el matrimonio

Posted by Velas Resorts on December 3, 2013

la luna y el matrimonio

By Rebeca González

Translated by Nyima Bieber

The moon’s position is just one of the many topics that might concern a bride-to-be when it comes to her upcoming vows. Checking the different phases of the moon to decide on a wedding date is something to consider if you believe in astrology, or if you just want to plan every last detail for your big day. There are an infinite number of opinions and theories about the benefits of getting married during a certain point of the moon’s cycle; there are also other phases when it might be risky for the couple to tie the knot.


The discussion continues over whether the lunar cycle will affect the future relationship the same way that it affects the planet earth’s tide, but just for prevention’s sake we couldn’t ignore this advice. It can be taken into consideration when deciding on an exact wedding date.


They say that the favorite moon for doing black magic is the new moon, therefore a couple married under the new moon is more exposed to curses and bad fortune. On the other hand, a full moon will bring abundance and fertility to the upcoming marriage.


The first quarter moon represents the time to start new projects; it is a period of growth. While it is true that if we seek happiness we must work toward it ourselves, doing so during the first quarter moon will help. This lunar cycle is highly recommended for beginning life as a couple.


A wedding during the waning moon should be avoided at all costs, as this is considered a time for carrying out activities that you wish to eliminate from your environment.


Now we have an idea of the best times to ensure a successful marriage according to the moon’s phases. Just remember that the right moon won’t do all the work- it’s important for both halves of the couple to contribute to the relationship in order to have a life that’s full of love and prosperity.


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