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Mayan Weddings: A Union Full of Mysticism

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Posted by Claudia Garcia on January 20, 2018

The cultural wealth of Mexico can be observed in its various pre-Hispanic roots, one of which is the Mayan civilization. The Mayan legacy is worthy of recognition and many of the traditions are still preserved, as is the case with Mayan weddings; they have deep spiritual meaning in every detail, and are held in locations full of mysticism. If you wish to celebrate your love under this tradition, here is what you need to know about these nature-inspired ceremonies:


Wedding location

Nature will always be the best scenario and the Mexican Caribbean is the perfect backdrop for Mayan weddings, whether celebrated in a beautiful cenote (natural underground pool) amidst lush jungle, in gorgeous white sand beaches and crystal clear waters or in a magical archaeological site (permits must be obtained in advance). Traditionally the shaman or priest chooses the best moment for the celebration to attract positive energies and receive the blessing of the gods when saying your “I do”.


The banquet

Consists of typical Yucatecan food such as chicken, beef, and pork tamales; stuffed cheese; marinated turkey; cochinita pibil; Poc Chuc, pork on the grill and marinated in orange juice; and pozol, a local drink made with corn and cocoa, among many other traditional dishes.


Rituals for the big day

Before the ceremony

To receive the acceptance of his future wife’s family, the groom offers a dowry known as muhul, which consists of sugar cane spirits, live animals, bitter chocolate, ivory combs, a mirror, a huipil (a richly embroidered cotton garment) and accessories for her trousseau. The day before the wedding the couple takes a temazcal bath to purify themselves with herbs and medicinal plants.


During the ceremony

The shaman draws a circle on the ground where he will bless the union of the couple, attired in white, in body and spirit. The four natural elements are invoked for strength in the years to come. The spouses exchange vows, rings, and special objects that represent them.

bodas maya

The setting is complemented with copal incense to purify the ambiance, lit with candles or torches and in the background traditional songs and musical instruments such as flutes and drums are played.

After the ceremony

At the end, the newlyweds offer gifts to the four elements such as flowers, seeds, fruit, copal incense, and corn since it symbolizes the beginning of life as a couple, and cocoa, symbolizes wealth, union, and prosperity.


The perfect place for the union of two soulmates

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Grand Velas Riviera Maya

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