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Themed Weddings

Posted by Velas Resorts on December 21, 2013

By Betsua Salazar

Translated by Nyima Bieber

Many women’s dream is no longer to find Prince Charming; it’s enough to find a man who is romantic, affectionate and caring. We also want a perfect, unique wedding and for this there is a practical solution: a themed wedding.

Themed weddings adapt to your taste, so this is an excellent opportunity to be unique and original. You just have to decide on your subject of interest and start organizing.

The following are several themes, although you can always do a Google search as well to find what you’d like best for your special day.

bodas en velas resorts1 –Cultural Wedding

There are those who admire the culture of a certain country and would like to have a wedding based on that country’s customs, traditions, dress and social aspects.  This requires research and making a list of concepts to include. As a theme you could choose Japanese, Arabic, Chinese, Mexican, African, Hindi or Hawaiian to name a few- choose the one you like best.

2- Vintage Wedding  bodas en velas resorts

Right now since hipster fashion is in style, a wedding with pastel colors is a pretty option for looking perfect and dazzling on that day. You can decorate using antique objects, challenging yourself to find the right touches to transport your guests back in time.

3- Eco-Friendly Wedding

Caring for the environment is becoming more important every day- with an eco-friendly wedding we have the opportunity to help preserve the planet. You can choose a location in the open countryside and avoid having to buy flowers; create your invitations using recycled paper. By having your wedding during the day you can help save energy. Remember that the idea is to avoid the damaging nature as much as possible.

bodas en velas resorts4- Movie Wedding   

We’ve all seen so many movies and many of us are fans of a certain saga that we’d like to be part of. A movie wedding allows us to become the stars of our own story; Romeo and Juliet, Casablanca, Titanic, Star Wars, Harry Potter or the Twilight series are just a few ideas- you can choose any other movie and build your own set.

5- DIY Wedding

If your budget is low or just haven’t found the right details for your wedding, consider the option of creating your own décor with items from home decor or craft stores. There are many tutorials on the internet that can serve as a guide. You can ask your guests to help you if necessary. This theme will give your event a super original and creative touch.

Photo Credit: Del  Sol Photography

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