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Traditions of a Mexican Wedding

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Posted by Velas Resorts on January 25, 2014

By Betsua Salazar

Translated by Nyima Bieber

Weddings are different according to the customs, lifestyle and even economy of every country, and our Mexico is no exception. Here we have very particular characteristics- the following points are part of the traditions included in a Mexican wedding

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1-Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are the first step towards the ceremony. The engagement becomes official the day the groom asks the bride to marry him and completes the proposal by placing the ring on the ring finger on her left hand, which is believed to have a connection with the heart.

2-Bridal Bouquet boda en pvr

This element has its origin in Roman customs, as they were once used to repel bad spirits. They also symbolize the new life of the couple. They usually carry two.

3-White Dress

In ancient times a white wedding dress was imposed by Queen Victoria of England, setting the trend. It was later adopted as a symbol of peace, purity and innocence.


4-Throwing Rice

Rice is a symbol of abundance, prosperity, and guests’ best wishes for the new family.


5-Las Arras

These wedding tokens consist of 13 small gold, silver or plain metal coins that the couple exchanges; they are synonymous with the idea that from this moment on they begin a life together and share everything. Tradition also states that the padrinos, or sponsors, contribute the coins.



These honored wedding sponsors are usually the couples’ closest friends, or on certain occasions, family members. They are responsible for contributing something specific for the wedding day.

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7-Playing the Sea Serpent

This is a very traditional game where the bride and groom stand on chairs and join hands. The sea serpent song plays and guests form a circle and start to spin around them- they often end up on the floor.

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