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Tips to make your wedding dinner a success


Posted by Velas Resorts on February 13, 2015

We know that when a wedding is planned, the time to choose the menu can become very stressful. Dinner is one of the most unforgettable moments of a wedding, and of course we always want our guests and friends to enjoy it to the fullest and be.

Therefore, we advise you to avoid certain dishes and ingredients in your wedding dinner:

Garlic and onion

Make sure your main dishes do not contain a lot of these ingredients; we do not want anyone to suffer from bad breath!

Very spicy!

You can be a spicy lover, but that doesn’t mean that your guests are too; avoid dishes with a lot of chilies, this way you will keep all your guests’ stomachs happy.

Sauces and stains

Avoid dishes containing sauces -such as spaghetti bolognese or carbonara; there are delicious, but the chances of ending up with these dishes on your dress at the end of the dinner, are really high -A tomato stain on your white dress would be a disaster, better avoid these dishes.

Red wine stains

Something similar happens with red wine. Although it is one of the best companions for a number of dishes, the chances of spilling it on your beautiful dress are high. At the same way, you will avoid having purple stains on your teeth.

Hot dishes

If the scheduled date for your wedding is in summer and expects a hot and humid day, avoid having hot dishes or desserts, better opt for a salad or sorbet, something that will refresh your guests and keep the heat away.

Risky food:

Opt for cooked dishes and leave aside any raw presentation, the last thing you want in your wedding is your guests suffering from stomach congestion.

Whether you consider a wedding in winter or summer, on the beach or in an elegant room, we recommend following these tips to make your wedding dinner a success and an unforgettable moment for you, your family and friends.


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