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Happily Ever After: Priscila & Luis Alberto

Priscila & Luis Alberto - Velas Weddings

Posted by Velas Resorts on April 16, 2014

By Haydé Escalante

With the sunset as their witness, Priscila and Luis Alberto enjoyed a perfect wedding day.

Priscila & Luis Alberto - Velas Weddings

Priscila Aguilar and Luis Alberto Hernández, a gorgeous couple from Guadalajara, were the winners of last year’s  Velas Resorts Wedding contest, titled “Unveil your Vows”. At last their special day arrived! Last month their dreams came true during a stunning beach wedding at Velas Vallarta resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

We wanted this day to truly represent the couples’ personality. One of our expert wedding coordinators made sure the wedding was a personality-packed love fest. The goal was to make the day into an event that Priscila and Luis Alberto would happily re-live over and over again.

The soon-to-be bride pampered herself hours before the ceremony with a special ritual at the Casa Velas Spa. Our make-up professional then prepared Priscila for her big day; the result was a gorgeous, princess-like bride. Luis Alberto waited anxiously to see the woman of his dreams walking down the aisle.

Priscila - Velas Weddings

In the company of their loved ones, the ceremony took place in a gorgeous setting overlooking the pristine Mexican Pacific Ocean. It was a beautiful day; the clouds looked like giant cotton balls and the sky was a cool, crisp blue. At 6:30pm, with the sunset as their witness, Priscila and Luis Alberto began their lifelong commitment to one another.

The reception was decorated with the colors of the ocean. The wedding theme was a combination of white and aqua, alluding to the sea and its mystical life below the surface. The centerpieces were simple but beautiful: a fish bowl with bright pink flowers floating on top, contrasting with the natural blue background.

Vallarta Wedding - Velas Weddings

Wedding Decor - Velas Weddings

The party created the perfect space to enjoy and have fun with family and friends. The joy in the couple’s eyes was indescribable; we were more than pleased to be part of such an important day.

For information on creating your dream wedding, consult our professional Velas Weddings coordinator.

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