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Your Wedding on Social Media

Posted by Velas Resorts on November 12, 2014

By Betsua Salazar

Translated by Nyima Bieber

Special coverage of your wedding on social media will give the event a modern day touch. It also allows everyone to participate and follow along! If you’re interested in having your wedding on social media but you’re not sure how, not to worry. I’ll give you all the details. Make this moment a celebration to share with your loved ones!

1- Organization

Some venues already provide social media planning services for weddings at no extra cost. Velas Resorts offers wedding couples the option of completely free social media coverage.


Your hashtag is one of the most important elements of your wedding on social media –it means the event will have its own presence on the internet. Friend and family will be able to follow every minute of your ceremony just by searching the hashtag on the web


Pictures say more than a thousand words and therefore they will be the true window to what is happening at your wedding. They can be posted on important social networks like Facebook and Twitter, helping create beautiful memories.


One aspect that is essential in social media is privacy, ensuring that only select photos and updates are shared. At Velas Resorts wedding couples sign an agreement where all the details of what will be published are clarified. You won’t have to worry about confidentiality, as the resort will manage your information responsibly.

5-Put on your best smile

Because everything is taken care of, put on your best smile! It’s your time and the beginning of a long life with your future husband. Don’t forget to have fun and make the most of this important event.

If you want your wedding on social networks, just mention it when contracting your wedding package. Everyone will be able to follow along form wherever they are, and you’ll have an extra-special way to relive that special day.

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