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3 Ideas for Your Perfect Bouquet

Posted by Velas Resorts on August 31, 2016

In the bridal styling, there are several details with a special meaning. From the rings used by the couple and the color of the wedding dress, to the flower bouquet and the veil. Originally the bride carried a bouquet of flowers because of the pleasant scent given off and its symbol of purity.

Personally, I think this detail is the most special because is delicate and you can express one’s individuality. You can choose flowers in pastel shades attached by a delicate fabric like a traditional and romantic bride; if you have an intense personality, you can choose stronger colors, combining different textures, framing your originality in every detail; or if you are a perfectionist, you can use flowers of the same type and color to highlight your wedding dress.

Part of the experience is to mix colors, different types of flowers and show some of your style in every detail.

Here, I will explain to you three types of style, according to your personality and taste:


You love simplicity, all the details of your wedding are smooth and in sober colors -the bouquet cannot be the exception. I recommend white colors attached with a soft fabric in the same color, gannets would be the best choice for you. They are discreet, and the beautiful green stem will make a subtle contrast to the other details.


If you have a sweet, dreamy and romantic personality, a bouquet with roses combined with pastel peonies will be the best choice. If your makeup is in brown tones, highlight it with the colors in the bouquet.


You love to break the rules and follow fashion trends that only a few people dare to, and your special day won’t be the exceptions -all the eyes will be on you. The best way to give a unique touch to your bouquet is to mix colorful flowers (like orange, yellow, purple and red) with different textures to make the perfect combination.

These are just some examples of what types of bouquets can choose. If you are still undecided or they are not your style, the wedding specialists at Velas Resorts will create the perfect bouquet for your, in the colors and flowers you want.

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