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Know the makeup trends for brides this 2016

Posted by Velas Resorts on February 3, 2016

For couples that soon will tie the knot, we have opened a brand new section dedicated to the makeup trends for brides this year, 2016.

First and foremost, it is important to consider the date the wedding is taking place; each season of the year displays its own climate conditions, tones and light, and these points may be considered when designing the makeup style recommended.

If you have chosen that season of the year when heat reaches high temperatures, or you have picked a beach destination for that special day, then you must consider that excess of moisture or heat may ruin your look on your wedding day. When you buy makeup, choose a free-oil product that contains fresh and water-based ingredients; pick blushes and eyeshadows with minerals, which will absorb extra humidity.

Here, some makeup trends we recommend:

More color: Photographs often reduce the tones and colors of the skin. Highlight your eyes, cheeks and lips, adding an extra touch of color.

Foundation base: It is the most essential accessory every woman should consider. Base makeup set the foundation for your skin to look clean and hydrated.

Sponge application: Use a makeup sponge to diffuse the product on the entire surface. For a natural and radiant look, use the sponge with small taps on your face.

Correcting dark circles: If you want to remove puffiness caused by lack of sleep, you may want to choose a creamy texture since it helps to disguise dark circles. Make sure you follow the previous steps before applying correction to this zone.

Eyebrow pencil: Outline your eyebrows trying not to exceed the limit too much and give a natural look to your face. You can use the same pencil to define and give extra shadows to your face contours. Remember to choose the right color in accordance to your eyebrows’ tone.

Perfect outlining: Give your eyes an impressive expression using the eyeliner of your choice, and then apply matte powder foundation with a fine brush, to conceal and make it last longer.

Light up your complexion: Another little touch that gives that extra wow to your look. Just before the photo session begins, add extra luminosity to your eyes by applying light tone highlighter to the inner corner of your eyes, close to your nose.

Curly eyelashes: Apply and press your curler into the roots of the lashes, extend it n the middle and reach the ends. This gives a natural effect.

Bridal makeup trends change constantly, so if you have any recommendation or advice you would like to share about this topic, please do so here!


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