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Planning your Wedding. How to start?

Cómo planear tu boda paso a paso

Posted by Velas Resorts on February 18, 2016

Everything seems so important that nothing actually fits on the first place of your list? You have just a vague idea as to where to start? In this –virtual– issue of Velas Weddings Blog we would like to share some useful tips for those lovebirds that are about to tie the knot, and have plans to hold this grand event in Mexico.

Schedule. You may want to learn more details about seasons behaviour in Mexico: extension, temperatures, etc. These facts set the tone and pace of your wedding, from make-up, to style, to fabrics, to colors. Mostly, March, April and May are the months with no rain, so keep them in mind.

Venue. Consider that time to speak your mind with your beloved one as a well-invested time, talk about the images and settings you have dreamed about for your big date. Is it by the beach? Is it in a majestic ballroom? A country ambiance, maybe? Talk it over.


Reserve the place for religious ceremony. Make a wide list of possible places as to make sure that a reasonable number of churches is available exactly on the dates of your choice, then you can just decide which one fits all the requirements and make the final decision easily.


Reception: Have you decided the kind of place you would love to throw a party at, and celebrate together as husband and wife, yet? From ocean gardens and natural islands, to picturesque hotels, Mexico displays great beauty all around. You have to be aware of the fact that many tourists travel frequently to this paradisiacal places and may be quite difficult to find desired availability. So, our tip? Book ahead.


Photograph professionals. Take your time to scrutinize the work of several photographers, as this will be the only visual momentum you will hold for last, apart from those memories collected in your mind. Ask your besties or relatives to show you their wedding albums… you will get inspired by their work and probably hire one of the masterminds behind those images.

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Music. Either live music or skilled DJ’s, music will depend on your taste; but what really needs to be ensured, is the experience behind the musicians, singers, band, performers or quartet of chords you will hire. They have to prove their vast experience and send you a demo of their work.

Bridesmaids. Probably the most remarkable accomplices you will have before, during and after your wedding; thus you need to make sure you have that sense of ‘good chemistry’ with this set of ladies. Moreover, your Maid of honor will be there in times when decisions seem impossible for you to take, and she, the one that stands out or the rest of the bridesmaids, will make it simpler than you thought at the most unexpected moments.


Marriage feast. Theme banquets are fashionable nowadays, as well as set menus displaying one defined culinary concept or cuisine. Wife and husband to-be need to make sure decisions are taken by consensus so that, when that glorious moment of menu tasting arrives, both have a real idea of what could be served during your wedding dinner, and narrow down the bunch of options available. Consider those sensitive health cases of family and friends –such as allergies to seafood and gluten intolerance; vegetarians and vegans are to be kept in mind as well. Specialists are great counselors as to what dishes to serve in order to delight special cases too.


Wedding cake. A fiesta in itself is the moment when you cut and share the gorgeous cake. Decoration is a point to observe closely as it reflects the personality of groom and bride. You probably want to surprise your guests selecting a jaw-dropping flavor with exquisite ingredients!


For those lovers planning their big day, this was just a brief selection of ideas to bring down to earth the main topics to watch on a first step. If you have tips on your own that would like to spread around the world, and help brand new brides and grooms organize their wedding more efficiently, please make yourself at home and share!

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