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Surprise your guests with these 5 amazing elements for your wedding reception

5 elementos que forman parte de una recepción de bodas

Posted by Velas Resorts on March 30, 2016

Once the religious ceremony finishes and the couple becomes husband and wife, the next step is the wedding reception where family, close friends and loved ones reunite to enjoy an unforgettable moment. The place of your reception is very important for having a successful wedding. Do you have any idea of your dream venue? I invite you to learn more about the main elements you should have in your reception:

Dance floor: This is the perfect opportunity to surprise your guests. Lit up dance floors are always a great option for receptions. Look for those with a good size and lighting effects to captivate your guests.


Extras appetizers: A good dish is always something that will leave the guests very happy. Impress them with a bar of cheese, risotto and cocktails.

Emily Choate and Stephen Bridges Wedding at Grand Velas, Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Plan a big surprise: The best wedding receptions are those where the couples astonish their family and friends with live entertainment. Magician shows, mariachis or professional dancers are great options.


Musical band: This is one of the favorites. However, before hiring one, you should ask if they take a break or not during their show because the guests won’t stop dancing.

banda musical

A special room: Creates an extraordinary atmosphere that keeps your attendees comfortable after the celebration. Something like a lounge area with sofas, chairs and furniture that fits the theme of your wedding.

PV Wedding- Velas Wedding

Remember that a reception should be well planned. What kind of wedding reception would you like to have?



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