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The perfect dress for the bridesmaids

Posted by Velas Resorts on October 16, 2015

In a wedding day it is common for people to have their eyes on the couple that is getting married. However women also have to think of her outfit and look, because image is a key player during this event.

When the bride starts searching for the perfect dress for her bridesmaids, she should contemplate certain characteristics such as skin color, weight, size, among others- bridesmaids you should feel comfortable with the dress. It is also important that the bridesmaids and bride propose ideas about the dress they would like to use.

We have some tips for choosing the perfect bridesmaid dress:

Keep in mind where your wedding will take place: Probably you think that any outfit is perfect for any wedding scene; however, some dresses have certain advantages and disadvantages depending on the area.



Seasons: Choose fabrics and colors correctly according to the season that predominates in the region. Usually, in tropical destinations you feel a warm and fresh atmosphere throughout the year.



Decide the length of your dress: Long dresses are tend to be used by close relatives of the couple. Shorter dresses (cocktail style) are for outdoor scenarios; ask your bridesmaids what would like to use in this special day.



Get inspired by the harmony of colors: The choice of colors for the dresses of the bridesmaids is a key element. You can complement the color of the dresses with dècor of the ceremony.



Choose the perfect shoes: When choosing the shoes, be empathic with the bridesmaids and propose a single model. This will help to highlight its beauty!

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These details must not be overlooked if you are planning to celebrate your wedding. If you have an experience you want to tell, share it on the comment section!

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