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Tips to have the perfect wedding invitation

Consejos para tener la invitación de bodas perfecta

Posted by Velas Resorts on March 15, 2016

The day has come! One of the most important details, the wedding invitation, cannot be left for last minute –they represent that first impression your guests will get from your ceremony–, and here we give you some tips to help you create the perfect invitations:

First things first: define the material they should be made​​ of; I recommend you one of good quality, soft so it can be folded, but resistant enough to keep on with the mailing system of your choice. In 2016 the trends show organic and recycled materials.

invitacipn de boda

The design of the invitations should go hand in hand with the atmosphere and theme of the wedding; as I mentioned before, this is the first impression you will give to your guests. The color white must always prevail in the design and typography, as experts themselves recommend, should include two –or more than two- styles.


The elements of the invitation should observe: the happy couple information, address for religious ceremony and wedding reception, information about the gift registries, and you would also like to consider some specifications such as the dress code. To add a personal touch to your wedding invitation, I recommend selecting a phrase from a book, movie or song that reminds you of a special moment with your couple.

Something “fashionable” is the watercolor or letterpress styles; one of the special features of the letterpress style is the low-stamped text, which adds a unique stroke to the design.


Remember sending your invitations in advance. I recommend like 8 to 10 weeks before. If you have friends or family living abroad, you have to send them with even more anticipation so they can fix all their travel details.


I hope these tips have inspired you a little bit more, to create the perfect wedding invitations. If you have any suggestions, please leave us your comments!


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