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Top 4 advices when choosing the best wedding destinations

Consejos para elegir los mejores destinos para bodas

Posted by Velas Resorts on February 11, 2016

Probably the aspect that will last longer in the memory of those attending a wedding, is the Destination. You’ll see, destination sets the ambiance, the style of the setting, the mood and emotions of the guests. First thing people attending to the event will notice, is the actual venue picked for the celebration, then the decoration to finally mutter a big “wow!” -or not.

So, if you are planning your wedding you have to review closely the choices you have for this so-special date and consider the memories you would like to endear after the event is over. Even when the most sought places sound like Paris or Costa Rica, here we compile the most important points to consider before selecting the perfect wedding destination.

1. Season. Most desirable destinations are those with a charming display of warm temperatures 365 days a year -aka, beach! However, these paradisiacal places are packed with visitors all year round, as they represent perfect escapades for travelers seeking sun and fun. Plan ahead, so that you may be sure there will be plenty of space for you, your guests and your spectacular settings by the beach -or beach garden, or ballroom. Low seasons -meaning June to October- are great dates for scheduling your dream day.


2. Places that you already know. Feeling and living the venue itself, and getting to know the pros and cons first hand, is a plus you have to take into consideration. It may be difficult for you to schedule a site-inspection to your picked venue, so if you’ve already been to a place that caused a fantastic impression, think no more and place it on first place on your list. Tip: wedding coordinators usually recommend only those places they have already had the experience of holding an event at. They can be of great help if you want to ensure the wedding is a moment to remember.


3. Not-considered expenses. You have the most luxurious venue in mind; the place itself is like a ‘Thousand and One Nights scene’; Light of the sunset will be the perfect witness of your union, but, it is a +12-hr-flight away from your hometown -and the one of your guests! There may be last minute extra expenses that sum up a burdensome amount for you and for the attendees to your wedding to absorb on such a trip.

Grand Velas Riviera Maya, Mexico. Photos by Del Sol Photography

Try searching closer and you will be surprised. Countries like Mexico have extremely beautiful corners that leave visitors breathless -for a third of the cost, or less-. Tropical weather, stunning natural sceneries, warm hospitality and a bunch of venue options waiting for you, are available.

4. Hiring a wedding coordinator. Like I said before, if your wedding is taking place hundreds of miles away, you should want to have an ally checking every detail for you -with all the time-consuming come-and-go’s that are always part of such an event. You can be sure the coordinator will assume full responsibility of pleasing and fulfilling your most extravagant desires, as their ultimate goal is their customer’s’ satisfaction. Most venues and hotels include the coordination service, and that is a plus.

Grand Velas Riviera Maya, Mexico. Photos by Del Sol Photography

Special moments demand special attention -and anticipation. Take your time to make the best selection of that wedding destination. You only have one chance to make the best impression out of it.

You have some advices of your own? Please be sure to share!

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